Construction Work is Going To Plan Say New Indian Restaurant Owners

Construction Work is Going To Plan Say New Indian Restaurant Owners

Rumi’s the all-new Indian Restaurant in Beverley is just a few weeks away from opening.

Business partners, , Mohammed Sayfuzaman and Sarah Day say they are very pleased with progress and should be open for business within 10 weeks.

Speaking to Mr. Alom said;

“There has been a very good response from people on social media about our project. Agriculture House has been empty for some years now so there is a genuine excitement about what we are doing.”

“We are on target for opening in mid June as the work being carried out that will totally change the look inside and out is progressing really well.”

“Anyone wanting to follow our progress can do so on where we have been posting images of the various stages or project.”

“In the next three weeks or so people will start to see the biggest changes to the front of the building. The drab front will be gone as it is being replaced with stunning new glass front.”

Rumi’s which will open in the summer will seat 80 people and will be open seven days a week.

Owning a restaurant is a dream come true for Sham and brother-in-law Mohammed, and along with local girl Sarah, a year’s hard work will soon see their dream become reality.

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Rumi’s will serve Bengali and Indian cuisine, and the new owners aim to mix traditional food with some more unusual regional dishes.

Mr. Alom added;

“All of us are truly excited about the project, in the not too distant future, we hope to announce some very exciting news about our opening night.”

“Anyone who wants to be part of VIP Opening needs to get onto our Facebook Page as we are already running to win tickets.”

With over 50 years of experience, the three business partners believe that have all the right ingredients to spice up an already vibrant lifestyle culture in Beverley.

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