Pasha Gents Hairdressing Is Pulling In Customers From Far And Wide

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After opening in June 2014 Pasha has proved to be a massive success with men not only in but also from further afield.

Owner of the business that trades in the services are so well thought of he is winning customers from throughout the region.

One of those customer is Shaun Brennan from Ellerton, he said;

“My appearance is very important to me. Until Pasha opened I used to travel all the way to Bradford to get my hair cut. One of my friends told about this place and since then I only come here to get my hair cut.”

Commenting on the success of the shop Atakan said;

“Business has been very good since we opened and I have had to take on extra staff. We have had really positive feedback about our work and the services we offer.”

“As we are open seven days a week I think this appeals to a lot of our customers who find it hard to get their hair cut due to their busy schedules.”

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