Davies Shines in Ferriby 10 Sun

Davis Shines in Ferriby 10 Sun

continued his fine form for in the City of Hull AC hosted event, The Ferriby 10. He finished 5th in an impressive 56 mins 8 secs , only 31 seconds from a second place berth, places 2 to 6 only being separated by a minute in a tightly fought top 10. The race was very well supported by Beverley who fielded 40 of the 753 finishers.

This is a popular event for runners both locally and from all over Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire and the weather rewarded their efforts with perfect and largely sunny conditions for running. The course is a 10 mile circuit starting and finishing near Skidby Mill.

The first half has most of the hard work with a lot of climbs, going through Skidby Village, along Rd to Risby Hill, then into , along White Gap Rd and Westoby Lane, before a fast second half largely downhill towards Raywell and through Eppleworth to the ‘sting in the tail’ last ½ mile uphill to Skidby, a real test to the legs after the fast section.

Some other notable Beverley men’s performances came from Darren Edge, 58th overall, in 1:04:01 and , , Rob Gray and all crossing the line between 65 and 70 minutes.

First Beverley woman with a good return to form was in 1:15:24, with Zoe Dale and within a couple of minutes of her.

The race was won for a 2nd consecutive year by Carl Ryde of Doncaster AC in 53:59.

This race is the first of the Club’s handicap series where points are awarded to runners for bettering predicted times based on previous performance. It is one of several the club run and is specifically designed to encourage improvement in performance, especially for new runners or those really looking to take themselves to a new level.


56:08, Darren Edge 1:04:01, 1:05:16, 1:05:26, Rob Gray 1:09:03, 1:09:59, Andy Arnold 1:10:57, Jim Harbidge 1:12:00, Graeme Pittaway 1:12:37, Mark Sykes Cook 1:12:59, 1:13:19, 1:13:44, Edward Lisney 1:13:45, 1:14:15, Jody Horth 1:14:33, James Durham 1:15:13, 1:15:24, Mike Blaymires 1:16:27, 1:16:27, Andrew Foster 1:17:35, Zoe Dale 1:17:41, 1:18:02, Rebecca Burge 1:18:30, Michael Oughtred 1:22:32, Stephen Dale 1:22:43, Jackie Hardman 1:22:55, Diane Coleman 1;23:51, Jan Stott 1:24:04, 1:27:40, Allison Stabler 1:28:33, 1:29:29, Liz Gray 1:29:29, Steve Ostler 1:30:29, Andy Wilks 1:31:25, Elaine Julian 1@34:17, 1:38:27, 1:51:42, Sarah Tock 1:56:15

Report by Andrew Grainger

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