Young Drivers: Evans Halshaw Beverley Puts Parents’ Minds At Rest

Young Drivers: Evans Halshaw Beverley Puts Parents’ Minds At Rest

Local retailer, , is keen to put parents’ minds at ease, after a survey by reveals that many parents in the region have concerns over cost and safety when it comes to their children taking to the road as young drivers.

A poll by the British manufacturer revealed that over a third (36%) of parents in the region worry about whether their child can afford to pay for all the costs associated with driving, with a further 45% believing driving speed to be a key concern. 77% of those surveyed in Yorkshire and the Humber are concerned about their child’s safety.

The survey identified that 68% of parents believe young drivers are being priced out of driving due to the cost of insurance, whilst over 40% regard as the biggest cost they shoulder when it comes to funding their children, second only to university living costs.

The retailer on is sharing these findings in a bid to reassure parents as they celebrate the launch of an industry leading Corsa offer that has both expenditure and driver safety at its heart.

has teamed up with Black Box insurance provider Ingenie to offer customers aged between 18 and 20 years old the chance to be insured for just £99 for an entire year when they have a Telematics box fitted in a new Corsa Limited Edition or Corsa Excite.

A Telematics system, or Black Box, measures the driver’s speed, acceleration, braking and cornering in order to assess the driver’s safety for insurance purposes and is fitted at no extra cost. Unlike other insurance Black Boxes, there are no curfews and drivers won’t be fined for driving at night. Its purpose is simply to create better, safer drivers.

, Dealer Principal at , explains: “Knowing that your child is new to the road is worrying enough, without having to be concerned over things like vehicle condition and costs. We are keen to show parents and younger drivers alike that owning, driving and insuring a car doesn’t have to cost the earth.

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“The Corsa is an extremely popular car with young drivers and this new offer means that those aged 18 to 20 can be covered in a brand new car for just £99 for the entire year’s premium. This means parents can feel assured that their children are driving a safe, new vehicle at a price they can afford.”

The offer is available until 30th September 2014 on Corsa Limited Edition and Corsa Excite models only.

poll reveals parent’s concerns over cost and safety when their child takes to the road
offers young drivers industry-leading Corsa offer of one year’s insurance for £99
• Available to 18-20 year olds on Corsa Limited Edition and Excite models fitted with Black Box

To be eligible, drivers need to have held a driving license for over a year. To book a test drive in the Corsa, and for full details of eligibility, terms and conditions, please contact the retailer at , , 0LJ 01482 862 801 and

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