Beverley Councillors Annual Costs Published

Beverley Councillors Annual Costs Published

Figures have been published that show the monies paid to the nine ward councillors who represent at for 2013 -2014 financial year.

The role as a councillor comes with a with a basic allowance of £10,818pa but there is the opportunity to increase this figure through a ‘Special Allowance’ depending on duties taken on by individual councillors at County Hall.

boasted the biggest earner in the entire council with who is the leader of the council who holds a seat in Rural.

Conservative Councillor banked £48,743.39 for the year 2013 to 2014 based on his basic pay, special allowance and other expenses claimed.

Rural also came second in terms of cost out of the three wards that represent , with Conservative Councillor banking £21,978.42 for her year in office.

also from who holds a seat in Minster and Woodmansey was the third biggest earner as she was paid a total of £20,776.31 for the year according to the report published by the council last week.

Other councillors who represent to receive a ‘Special Allowance’ on top of their basic were who was paid a total of £18,122 and who was paid £15,546.94 during the last financial year.

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, , and * all members of only received a basic allowance and minimal reimbursements for IT costs for the past year in office.

In total from 2013 to 2014 councillors representing Rural, St Marys and Minster Woodmansey were paid a total of £168,778.06 a slight increase on the previous year.

*Please note Cllr D Peacock figures were not included on the report so have been calculated based on his basic allowance only.

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  1. they get an allowance of £3,509 special allowance for certain committees. Their basic pay and the special allowances have also increased on the last year. A conservative estimate of the cost for 9 ward councillors for a four year term in Beverley would be £600,000 – call it half a million pounds.

    Good value for money, you decide

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