Virtually Crime-Free And Fun Beverley Races Ladies Day

Virtually Crime-Free And Fun Beverley Races Ladies Day

A virtually crime-free and fun was had by all Over 10,000 race goers enjoyed a safe and virtually crime-free day at the races.

Humberside Police are again praising Racecourse staff and Licensees for a joint approach with the police which led to a very successful and peaceful day at the races for Beverley Races Ladies Day yesterday.

The of the entire event was to be visible and work closely with the public house licensees, door staff and racecourse staff.

Chief Inspector James Glansfield stated,

“Everyone seemed to have had a really enjoyable day at the races and evening in the town. There were huge numbers of , who, generally, behaved in a very responsible way. There seemed to be a lot of lucky punters too so this helped with the mood!

“I would like to thank the licensees of the town for their well organised and effective approach to managing their premises.

“There very few incidents which required a police response but these again were dealt with quickly, and order restored. In all only six, arrests were made and a further 20 or so Section 27 notices were issued. When you consider that there were over 10,000 people in the town that is a very good outcome.

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“I would like to praise all officers on duty at the event, especially the large number of Special Constables, they helped out enormously by providing reassurance to the public and ensuring public order was maintained throughout the event.

“The day and evening in Beverley was a real success, due to the good nature and behaviour of everyone who came out. We all hope that the event can continue in this positive way in the coming years”

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