Longcroft School Win East Riding Netball Championship In Style

Longcroft School Win East Riding Netball Championship In Style Longcroft School Win East Riding Netball Championship In Style

Year 11 students at have been crowned the East Riding Champions after a formidable performance saw them win all seven matches.

, , , , , , , and skipper were so good one school ‘refused’ to play them.

Having come close in previous years the team that also plays together outside of school for eased home with a perfect record beating one of their closest rivals to clinch the coveted title.

Team captain, Charlotte said;

“We knew we had a good chance going into the competition, as it was the last time we would enter this tournament as a team we felt and really wanted to win it.”

Longcroft beat South Hunsley in the final by a single point, and the team admits the victory felt all that much sweeter as this was the side that had beaten the school in the previous year.

Their coach Miss was full of praise for the girls she said;

“When I arrived they were a ready made team. They are all very dedicated and put a lot of effort into playing the best they can. This is a fantastic achievement.”

Collectively, they are a very confident something their coach Miss Mulligan is quick to point out, she added;

“When they are playing they are very competitive. They like to win and are the biggest critics of themselves. When they are in the lead, during a match hey push themselves harder to get even further ahead.”

will not be bidding farewell to their Champions just yet. All of them are looking to stay on at in the Sixth Form at the school and continue to play as a team in the school colours they just will not be entering this competition.

Charlotte said;

“The team did play a part in all of our decisions to stay on at the school. As we are such a close group and we want to continue to play together.”

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  1. So proud of the girls. They have been playing as team outside of school since year 7. This has proved to be a huge bonus to Longcroft as they gave become a very close knit group both on and off court. Its great that the girls can finish year 11 with such a win.

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