Councillors Support Road Safety Measures

Councillors Act On Feed Back From Drop In Meetings

Minster and Woodmansey ward councillors are fully supportive of proposed measures to improve safety outside Primary School in .

A consultation process will shortly be undertaken and could potentially see an extension to ’s CPZ and parking restrictions, measures which the councillors say can’t come soon enough.

Cllr , who is also a governor at the school, has previously asked for a crossing to be placed on Woodmansey Mile to allow children and parents to cross in safety.

She said,

‘At times the road is hazardous to say the least. Cars are parking at both sides, which in itself is extremely dangerous. We fully support any safety measures that we can get before a serious accident happens.’

Fellow ward members Cllr and Cllr , also visited the site and saw the problems that were occurring due to parked cars and speeding .

Cllr Elvidge said,

“I am shocked at the heavy volume of that uses the road and the affect the parked cars have on visibility for pedestrians. Also, with the future development of the area something needs to be done sooner rather than later.”

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Cllr Peacock urged residents to get in touch with ERYC with their comments,

“We need to hear what residents think about some of the problems that they are having on Woodmansey Mile. The safety of the children has to come first!”

residents who would like to make any comments should get in touch with any of their Ward Councillors, whose contact details can be found on East Riding Council’s Website.

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  1. So basically you want to extend the CPZ to bring in more revenue for ERYC and push more people into parking on the Westwood. How about encouraging the parents who live less than a mile from the school to walk or cycle? How about a walking train? No…because this is all about cash at the end of the day. Incidentally, most of the people parking there are ERYC workers..

  2. Same issue as the Beverley Leisure Centre where people park all day alongside the rail track without paying I am for a car free town, Woodhall Way is a death trap with cars at 3pm onwards every day with many parking from 2.30 just to get closer to the school. Seems the kids and school are happy iwth walking buses but its not them taking the cars to the school –

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