Flood Attenuation Scheme Praised By Ward Councillors

Flood Attenuation Scheme Praised By Ward Councillors

Councillors for St Mary’s Ward have welcomed the completion of flood attenuation works at in . Now that the planned wall has been constructed and the pasture is well on the way to recovery the entrance to from is back to looking good.

Councillor said:

“As with any scheme like this there has been some disruption to residents. We are very grateful to them for being patient while the works were carried out, especially since many of them had already suffered through the difficult experience of being flooded.

The area has been a mess while works were ongoing and I am pleased to see it restored. When the temporary fence is removed in spring it really will be back to its former glory”

Councillor added:

“A number of experts from organisations such as East Riding Council and Yorkshire Water have worked extremely hard to develop this scheme. Thanks to them homeowners can now be confident that their homes are much better protected from the possibility of a repeat flood incident”

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Councillor said:

“The terrible flooding being experienced in the country at the moment reinforces just how important it is to ensure defences are in the best condition possible. Schemes such as the one at are vital to protecting homes and businesses in the East Riding.

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