Minster & Woodmansey Ward Councillors United Against Bramble Hill Planning Application

Councillors Act On Feed Back From Drop In Meetings

Ward Councillors , and wish to reassure all their ward residents they are totally opposed to the proposed plan being compiled by Spawforths

The Plan already provides provision for 2,400 dwellings within the Woodmansey Ward and the Southern Relief Road is the accepted boundary.

Councillor Peacock has already responded to many e-mails confirming he will oppose this proposal on the grounds it is outside the plan and this is quite clearly a rural Greenfield site.

Councillor  said:

“Not only have I had e-mails regarding this, I have also been approached by residents in the street who are upset at the very proposal and wondering why this is happening when so many houses have been approved in the Plan.”

“I wish to reiterate, as far as I am concerned this is another kite flying exercise by a developer for land outside the Plan. Not only are we opposed to this but we are hoping that the Planning Committee will be as well”

Developers are keen to build new homes in and capitalise on the popularity of the area, something Cllr was quick to point out, he said;

“This is not the first time we have had to deal with an out of plan proposal; many residents will remember a proposal to demolish which caused so much outrage.”

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“It took a great deal of effort to convince people this was not a Council proposal but that of a private developer and we all opposed that as Councillors”.

Spawforths are keen to add a further 500 new homes into the plans something locals are not kewen. Cllr Kerri Harrold has also voiced her concerns she said;

“I was able to attend the consultation exercise at Primary School on behalf of the Ward Councillors and I understand residents anger and frustration in the lack of engagement by the proposed developers agent as I got nowhere with them as well”.

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  1. ‘Totally opposed’? Really? Not in July 2012 they weren’t. Cllr Harold was in agreement according the Hull Daily Mail of July 28th 2012.

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