MP Welcomes £5.2m Talent Match Grant

Graham Stuart

Last week, the Big Lottery Fund announced that £5,232,809 has been awarded to the Humberside Learning Consortium to help local young who have been unemployed, or out of , for at least twelve months.

The Humberside Learning Consortium plans to use this money to foster local solutions to the critical problem of unemployment, which has been estimated by the ACEVO Commission on Unemployment to cost over £28 billion through the next decade.

Member of Parliament for and Holderness, said:

“The money awarded by the Big Lottery Fund to the Humberside Learning Consortium is fantastic . This will not only assist young unemployed in and Holderness, but all across East Yorkshire.

“This grant also has support from global pharmaceutical firm Smith & Nephew, with part of its headquarters located in nearby . This is great for our local economy, and illustrates that if we pull our resources together as a community, we can help to tackle the challenge of long-term unemployment.

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“Unemployment in the constituency is now 3.2 percent, far less than at the last election, and a clear sign that the government’s economic policy is working.

“Every additional young person in work means that someone escapes the despair of joblessness and can start to build the fulfilling life we all wish for our children.”

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