Eleanor Rigby: The Million Pound Bag Lady

Eleanor Rigby: The Million Pound Bag Lady

A sculpture based on the lonely, impoverished fictional character of Eleanor Rigby, who featured in The Beatles’ song of 1966, is currently on display at .

The figure was created by Leonard J. Brown, and made from one million pounds worth of shredded bank notes, which were obtained over many, many months with the support of the Bank of England.

The Million Pound Bag Lady explores the relationship between wealth and poverty and both subject and artist have captured the imagination of visitors, attracting hundreds and hundreds of visitors over the few days she has been in place. Furthermore, the greater proportion of these visitors are new to the gallery.

The figure has also attracted a huge amount of favourable press attention from television, radio and regional, national and international press.

In direct response to the demand of our visitors, the artist has kindly agreed to extend the period of the loan, and Eleanor will remain in the gallery until 22 November 2013.

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She may make the occasional day trip elsewhere, so please contact the gallery to check that she is in residence before journeying any distance to the gallery.

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