Meet The Beverley Lions Night

Meet The Beverley Lions Night

President and the members of The Club are holding an event at the on Wednesday 9th October giving the chance to meet the Lions.

The is being held so they can show the work they do in the community with the hope of getting more volunteers for to join them.

President said;

“We would like to come and see what we do and also see where the money we collect from is spent.”

“We will be holding a brief talk on what we do and will answer any questions, then we will treat you to a small buffet.”

The are looking for possible new members Male and Female, so they can continue their good work.

Les added;

“If you don’t want to be so committed, then think about joining The Friends of Lions & helping out when you have the time.”

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Locally, the support a number of including numerous sports teams including the .

Throughout the year, the raise money collecting donations from and businesses in .
The starts at 7.30pm, everyone is welcome.

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