Beverley’s Salon 55 Capitalise On Male Grooming Market

says their male grooming section is growing fast as more men take pride in their appearance.

Male grooming has seen a 40% growth in recent years, and Keeley believes this is down to men in general taking more pride in their appearance. She joked; guys have to work a lot harder to look good!

, Salon Director told ;

“Our men’s section offers top to toe grooming. We do everything from the basic hair cut, wet shaves, eyebrow shaves and massages.”

“As salon we have always offered male grooming though since opening the men’s section the response has been far greater from guys of all ages.”

“The men who come in seem to prefer having a more ‘masculine’ area rather than being part of the general salon.”

Keeley says they are seeing men of all ages. has also started offering shaving lessons she said;

“We are teaching the young men how to shave. These lessons are very popular. Some men may not have a male role model at home who can teach them how to take care of themselves.”

could be onto a good thing here. A recent survey showed that the UK man is leading the way in this market spending a whopping £920m on grooming, fragrance and toiletries alone and this figure is expected to shoot to above £1 billion by the end of 2015.

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Men in Britain also take much longer in the bathroom allocating up to 40 minutes every day getting ready! Men in the Midlands lead the way while the Welsh man spends the least amount of time on grooming.

Beverley's Salon 55 Capitalise On Male Grooming Market

Beverley's Salon 55 Capitalise On Male Grooming Market Beverley's Salon 55 Capitalise On Male Grooming Market

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