BUSINESS : Save Money On Your Credit Card Terminal Transactions

BUSINESS : Save Money On Your Credit Card Terminal Transactions

Reducing the fees paid for money accepted by credit and debit cards can save your thousands of pounds, that’s the message from local businessman .

John who specialises in saving companies money has added a new service to his portfolio of products that will help every make savings on all the card payments they accept.

Speaking with .net John explained why he has moved into this market;

“I around the country and visit many places staying in and .”

“When on , I am always assessing things and seeing how and what could be changed to improve efficiency and save money for the .”

“It was while on one of these trips, I noticed how often the credit card machines were being used and knew it was something I wanted to get involved in.”

“When I looked into it, I was truly shocked at just how much were being charged to accept credit and debit cards and knew I needed to find out how to reduce those fees.”

“A chance meeting with a company while at a conference has now enabled me to offer card processing services for the lowest rate which is saving businesses thousands of pounds every year.”

Paying by debit card and credit card is something do and any no matter how big or small has to facilitate.

Even the type of that was traditionally cash based like now have card machines to accept payments when processing orders over the phone.

John added;

“If you stop and think about how many transactions a small business does, they soon mount up.”

“Factor in your online sales and telephone orders and the volume goes up even more and so does the amount you pay in fees.”

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“A lot do not give it a second thought and just accept the rates they are given by their bank, but that does not need to be the case.”

“Like everything there are other options that come with greater benefits for the retailer, and that is what I am keen to demonstrate to traders in .”

John’s latest offering is already getting the interest of companies in with leading the way, he added;

“There has been a lot of interest from the lifestyle section within the business community in , saving a few pence on every sale, for example, quickly amounts to a lot of cash.”

“This type of business carries out a lot of transactions, so the savings I offer them are often big and very noticeable on their balance sheets.”

Anyone wishing to speak to John about reducing their card processing fees can call 01482 872531 / 07966 265929.

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