Beverley Grammar School Future Food Heroes

Beverley Grammar School Future Food Heroes

Congratulations to the boys in year 10 at  studying GCSE Food, for passing the industry standard certificate in food hygiene, with flying colours. After studying the 7 hour intensive course the boys all chose to sit the examination to gain industry recognition.

They will not only be putting their knowledge into practice as they develop a product for their controlled assessment work for the GCSE Food qualification, but this certificate ensures they are so much more employable, should they wish to choose part-time work in local catering firms, for work experience and for ‘weekend jobs’.

The boys are now getting down to the practical side of developing a product to a chosen brief for their 45 hour controlled assessment project. Many have chosen to support the local economy by creating products using locally sourced ingredients and have been investigating food production and in the East Riding to help them gain ideas, while others have chosen to show off their technical skills with a range of ‘luxury’ products that encompass the idea of helping consumers choose ‘healthy options’.

Mrs Kate Leonard, their food teacher at the school said

“The boys who choose to study Food at GCSE level build up a highly credible level of practical skills over the two years. Over 20% of our students go on from the course into a career in professional catering, which in the current economic climate is unheard of.”

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“It is so rewarding to see their enjoyment and interest in the subject, along with them all mastering and regularly practising the transferable skills they learn – the organisation, the time management and the independence to plan and complete a task, along with the ability to make nutritionally well-informed decisions for themselves and their future families.”

“The food hygiene certificate gives them so much more awareness of food safety issues and how it relates to their own personal lives when shopping, cooking and , let alone the fact that when applying for jobs, they have the confidence and evidence that makes them very employable.”

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