Beverley Christmas Festival of Food & Drink 2012

The benefits of bringing the  into Minster were spread widely at a successful and tasty first appearance in the great old church.

The brought together producers of some of the finest artisan, craft and free range food in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

The popularity of the event has been growing in recent years, and it was deemed that it needed a grander surrounding. And where grander than the Minster?

This has also brought a welcome chance for parishioners and staff at the Minster to run their own fundraiser at the same time.

and his wife Deborah up a stall for Deborah’s business Handsewn 4 U – selling lovely quirky and traditional hand-made gifts – while the Minster shop and other fundraisers for the Minster enjoyed their share of the trade.

Steve, the man who maintains the Minster and it’s architecture  was delighted that money was being raised for work which is desperately needed on the high roofs.

He says it will takes millions to get the job done properly, and is happy to get the chance to raise the profile of the Minster.

The Minster enjoyed a constant flow of visitors, who were also given impromptu tours by volunteers while enjoying some of the wide range of stalls showing off their products.

People helped themselves to tasters of brownies, artisan dressings and oils, traditional cordials, cider, real ale, cup cakes and free-range meat.

One of the stars of the show was a ‘Lobster’, who was there with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and their crab and lobster display.

Popularity is such that the event will almost certainly be in the Minster again, which will help cement the festival’s place in the social calendar.

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  1. Hi Paul, great pics and article, quality work as usual, keep up the good work. Regards to Scott. Cheers Steve & Debra.

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