York Waits – Green The Holly

York Waits, who specialise in and instruments of medieval and Tudor times, will be performing ‘Green Grows the Holly’ at the United Church, , on Thursday 6 December 2012 at 7.30pm.

The York Waits return to – the city that was an important musical centre in medieval times – for a colourful concert of and winter season from the Middle Ages and Tudor times. Joined by singer Deborah Catterall, the Waits perform on a huge array of ancient musical instruments, such as sackbut, shawm, rebec, lute, gittern, bagpipes and hurdy gurdy, many of which can be seen carved in stone in . Some of the has remained familiar for hundreds of years, but many of the pieces are fascinating rediscoveries. will range from earthy songs, designed to banish the winter blues in past centuries, to lively renaissance dance and tender songs for the season.

William Marshall, band member, said: “We always enjoy playing in . is a great venue for and in past centuries there were very strong links between the musicians of York and , so in a way we are keeping up a centuries-old tradition. Also, many of the instruments we play have been reconstructed using valuable information preserved in stone at the Minster.”

Tickets cost adults £12, concessions £10 and are available from Tourist Information Office on (01482) 391672.

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