Thomas Charles Willicombe’s Christening @ Beverley Minster

was christened at at one of the regular monthly baptism services held at the historic venue.

The service was conducted by , who explained a little a bit about why are Baptised and what it means;

“Baptism or Christening, they’re the same thing is an ancient ceremony celebrated by the Christian .”

himself was baptised by John the Baptist as told in the gospels.”

“Being baptised means you have responded to the love of God, and you become a recognised member of the Christian faith. In the of England, we baptise of all ages, including babies whose parents bring them on their behalf.”

“You can only be baptised once, and it is hoped that babies will grow up in the faith and later be Confirmed.”

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“In , we hold a baptism service monthly on a Sunday afternoon, although baptisms are also held within our regular weekly services.”

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