ASBO Issue By Police To James Oakes

Andrew of has been given an ASBO which will prevent him from entering any retail premises within town centre.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Order is in place until 13th February 2014.

ASBO Co-ordinating Officer said:

“Andrew OAKES has a long of offending behaviour going back to 1989. The majority of his criminal and anti-social conduct has occurred in the area of the East Riding of Yorkshire where he has been involved mostly in theft and public disorder. Mr Oakes has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and he is regularly in drink when he commits offences.

applied to the East Riding Magistrates Courts for an Anti Social Behaviour Order against Mr Oakes so that greater protection could be afforded to the local community whom have been caused harassment, alarm and distress as a result of his persistent misconduct.

“The two year Anti Social Behaviour Order should send a clear message to Mr Oakes and others that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated. Mr Oakes has been prohibited from entering retail and hairdressing premises within a specific area of and he is also prohibited from entering any premises where he is already banned or alternatively, has been asked to leave but refuses to do so. If he fails to abide by the terms of his ASBO, he could face a further period of imprisonment or a fine.

“Any person who becomes aware that Mr Oakes has breached his ASBO is encouraged to come forward. We will do our very best to enforce the Order and ensure that the town of remains safe and free from unacceptable conduct such has been demonstrated by Mr OAKES.”

, from Police Station said: “Granting this ASBO has come about due to the close working between the Neighbourhood Team and retailers within the town. Mr OAKES has consistently been a nuisance to shoppers and retailers alike in the area for a long time. It is pleasing to know that there is now some peace of mind specifically for retailers to go about their without having to be subject of anti social behaviour from Mr OAKES. I can only encourage residents of to report any incidents of Anti Social Behaviour as without the reports received in relation to Mr OAKES a successful result such as the anti social behaviour order obtained against Mr OAKES would not be possible.”

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Chairman of , Cathy Raeson added:

“This is a pleasing result for us. The shopwatch association aims to make Beverley a safe and pleasant place to shop. who steal from shops and behave in a threatening or antisocial way make nervous of shopping here. Beverley is a lovely town and should be able to enjoy it in peace.

“Shopwatch is very successful in preventing shop thefts, passing information to other retailers in the town and getting problems dealt with efficiently and effectively with the police, if anyone would like further information on joining Shopwatch, please contact the Beverley Neighbourhood Team or myself at Bon Marche.”

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