Rapid Solicitors & SODEX To Fund Restoration Of The Mighty Antar

and SODEXO have teamed up with The at Normandy Barracks, Leconfield to create a unique monument to the camp’s services by funding the restoration of a Thorneycroft , a heavy duty transport vehicle used between 1950s and 1980s.

It was originally produced to move oil pipelines in Iraq but it’s immense power was ideal to cope with the increasing size and weight of the new generation of battle tanks used by the Army.

The , on the road between and , is the world’s largest residential driver training school and has upwards of 1,200 Students on site at any one time.

Communications Officer, said,

“We managed to obtain an but after about 50 years of service the old girl was in need of a full cosmetic restoration.  This was never going to be cheap and external was needed.”

, who sponsored the recently aired ITV 1 show, Military Driving School,  presented by , once again kindly stepped forward with funds.

Partner at Rapid, said,

“Having the world’s largest residential driving school in our region is something to celebrate. ”

“Following the sponsorship of the TV documentary I was kindly offered a tour of the base. ”

“The scale of the place is mind-blowing, with over 1300 specialist vehicles and over 40 km of road and cross country tracks.”

“On that tour we passed the sorry sight of an old gently rusting away on a long forgotten corner of an air strip and it was mentioned that they’d love to restore it one day. ”

“I said I’d help but requested the restored be displayed as a monument on land close to the site’s entrance and in clear view of the passing public, in the same way some RAF bases display old aircraft at their air base gates. ”

“I’m pleased to say that idea was investigated and given the green light.”

Additional funding towards the restoration will also be provided by SODEXO,  a multi-discipline facility provider who support many aspects of military life at the camp.

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If an Army ‘Marches on its stomach’ it is Sodexo who ensures that those stomachs are kept well nourished.

Sodexo’s Chief of Operations (North), Steve Groves, recognises the benefit of having this important part of the Army’s logistic heritage restored and put on display for the benefit of future generations.

Restoration work is about to begin on the and will be carried out by a local , appropriately named ‘Rusty Trucks.’

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  1. A very run down tired looking old truck that seems to be sagging around the edges in an awful cucumber green but I am sure the ANTAR won’t take much to get repaired

  2. It was a shock to see this old girl I used to driver her when I was in the Army in Germany in the 70s and 80s. It had quite a few foibles as I remember, just a wonderfull reminder of the old days, and to be restored that is just an unbeliveable bonus. Thank you everyone involved in the restoation made an old man very happy.

  3. This vehicle belonged to 3 Tank Transporter Squadron Royal Corp Of Transport, 7 Tank Transporter Regiment Sennelager Near Paderborn Germany.

  4. this truck used to be our gate guard at Marbe barracks.
    It was our Squadrons hence its sporting 3Tk Tptr Sqn flashes
    And before the Squadron was re-designated, this truck was serviced and PRE every year. So it will be awesome to see it refurbed and used again

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