Beverley Rural Update for April 2011

1. Priority  Issue: – Farm Watch – Remote Crime – Poaching

Farm Watch continues to be an integral part of our fight against Rural Crime. Please report any suspicious vehicles or activity to Farm Watch and the .

A small pocket size Aide memoir card has been produced, “KEEP YOUR FARM SAFE”. This contains useful tips and hints for farmers and residents of the rural community on keeping their local area safe and crime free.These will be distributed over the next few months by the Community Team.

April saw some of the warmest temperatures on record, and in conjunction with an extended number of Bank Holidays, residents were seem to be making the most of the extended holiday period. Please be mindful that on hot sunny days, open windows or unlocked doors are an opportunity for criminals. Last month saw an increase in Rural Crime, please remember to report any suspicious activity and keep your property secure.

2. Priority Issue: – Anti social behaviour / calming –

As a result of a number of youths being dealt with by the Community Team, there has been a reduction in reports of Anti social behaviour. Over the Bank Holiday period two incidents were reported to the , both being alcohol related. Residents are reminded to report any incidents to the and parents are asked to advice/educated teenagers on the consequences of excessive and underage drinking.

calming remains a priority in ; March saw a number of new residents trained and able to assist with the Community Road Watch scheme.

3. Priority  Issue: – Vehicle Crime – Bishop Burton and surrounding area

There has been an increase in vehicle crime in the more remote areas.

Two vehicles were victims of thefts, whilst they were left secure and unattended. Please remember to remove any valuables and do not leave any items on view. A number of Land rover Defenders have been stolen, over the past few months. These are a specialist type vehicle and thieves are targeting this vehicle due to its re sale value when dismantled.

Officers from the Community Team are working with local Farmers and Land rover specialist groups to develop security devices not commonly used, thus deterring criminals from targeting this type of vehicle.

4. Offenders brought to justice

A youth from the are received a fixed penalty notice for causing criminal damage.

A female was charged with theft from the village shop in .

A male youth was given a cannabis warning for possession of a small amount of cannabis whilst parked in a vehicle on the outskirts of .

5. Meetings You are invited to attend any of the below meetings:

Surgery.   (Means: an opportunity for you to meet privately with a member of the neighbourhood team to discuss any issue of concern. This is a drop-in event so you may have to wait a few minutes.)

and Communities Together Meeting. (This is a public meeting where the and other public authority representatives will be present. Its main purpose is to determine what the local priorities for action over the next three months will be. It gives members of the public an opportunity to raise their concerns and influence those decisions.)

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Street Briefing. (This means that the whole neighbourhood team will be briefed on current problems in the area and tasked to deal with them. The public can meet with the officers and be informed about how they can help with these issues.)

Other Meeting/Event (This will be a place and location that Neighbourhood Team Officers will be present at and you can come and talk should you wish)

General Report

Residents are reminded to secure all windows and doors, especially if they have been opened during daylight hours in the hot weather. Opportune criminals will take advantage of windows left open and doors left unlocked.

Please contact your Community Team, Tel: 01964 530320 if you require advice on Farm Watch, CESAR, Neighbourhood Watch, “Keep your Farm Safe” leaflets, or general crime prevention advice. We are happy to visit at a time convenient to you.

Middleton/North Newbald and Update

A burglary occurred in Middleton whilst occupants were away on holiday.

The Recreation Club at Middleton had a window smashed.

/Bishop Burton & Leconfield Update

All the above villages have seen an increase in reported crime.  The most notable incidents being:

A theft of Land rover from and an attempt theft of Land rover from . Each of the villages suffered thefts of items left outside, namely a pedal cycle, old car left in a field, a radiator.  Items stolen from these villages are stolen for there scrap metal value; please report any vehicle or persons in your area claming to be collecting scrap.

Bishop Burton saw a brick thrown through a house window, a person reach inside and a bronze ornament stolen.

, and Routh Update

has been victim to two thefts from unattended vehicles; both of these incidents had items left on view within the car.  are reminded that opportunist criminals are working in all area’s and valuable items should not be left in vehicles.

Leven has been victim to a couple of thefts from sheds, a theft of lead from the surgery roof, two incidents of criminal damage and a theft from a local shop.

Other Villages Update

Rural locations are being targeted by opportunist criminals. Please leave vehicles secure, items of value not left in cars and report any suspicious activity.

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