Local Elections:Irene Charis, St. Marys Ward

I would like you to vote for me as your councillor because I am passionate about fulfilling and meeting your needs.   Whilst speaking to you on the phone and face to face, I realise that many of you have become disillusioned with the political process and with the politicians who do not understand the concerns that affect the lives of real every day; often feeling that are not considered and are even irrelevant.

For such a long time I also felt that my views were not considered, but by standing as candidate for the East Riding Council, and with your vote, we can begin to bring change.

If I am elected as your councillor it is my goal to address the needs of the residents of St Mary’s ward.  I know that parking and are important issues, along with protecting local businesses and making adequate provision for the elderly; especially during the winter months. and for the young in our community  I realise that these are just some of the issues and that there are many other issues that need resolving.

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What will I bring to the ward? I am dynamic, fresh and most certainly committed.  I am prepared to make a commitment to hold a monthly surgery to meet with the residents, to listen to your concerns and issues, and to present those issues at council meetings.  I will also make a commitment to provide a monthly newsletter so that residents are made aware of what I am doing in the ward.  It is my goal to make our community the best it can be.

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