Beverley Councillors Fight for Life of Samman Road Centre

Beverley Councillors met with Officers to try and secure the life of the Samman Road Centre on Beverley’s Swinemoor Estate.

The meeting was held after letters of objection were received from local groups that are all regular users of the facility and passed to who is conducting a review of the Day Centre facilities across the East Riding. These were received after Groups had been given 3 months’ notice by the Centre, whilst the review was taking place.

Cllr who represents the Minster and Woodmansey ward told that whilst she appreciated the need for up to date facilities for the Day Centre users, that East Riding of Yorkshire Council must also take in the views of the community.

“The loss of the Samman Road Centre on Swinemoor would be like a village losing its Village Hall. It is essential that in these times of uncertainty and with the Government project the Big Society, see video below, which focuses on localism, that we retain this as a facility that can be used by local people!”

Cllr Laurie Cross who also represents the Ward agreed entirely and backed Cllr Harold’s plea for a further meeting to look into the opportunity of some sort of agreement to offer at least part of the building for this.

She said; “This will give local groups the opportunity to use the Centre if they wish to. This is too big a chance to let pass us by and hopefully the Centre would find its niche and become the heart of the community.”

All Councillors were content that the decision to relocate groups to Millers and the Old School House in Beverley was the right one, although the Samman Road Centre itself must not be lost as a Community facility. The decision will be made after the full consultation process is completed.

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Jean Richardson who host a luncheon club at the centre said; “Samman Road was built as it was to support the elderly, disabled and vulnerable in the community. If closed there are no other options locally with the same facilities that we can use to support the elderly of the Beverley community.”

“The current venue kindly being offered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council is split level and has no kitchen facilities, how can we offer a luncheon club without a kitchen.”

The luncheon club has been established for around 25 years. With no meals on wheels service in Beverley for the past 5 years the centre along with has been the only places offering luncheon clubs to the elderly. will continue to follow this story and keep you updated on the events that unfold.

Samman Road Centre, Women’s Royal Voluntary Service 2009 Christmas Dinner

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