Trojan Horse Exhibition Wheels into Molescroft

3000 years ago, Greece waged war against the city of Troy.  Although the Greeks gathered a huge army at Troy they could not conquer the city.  After ten years Ulysses, King of the Greek island of Ithaca had an idea.  He built a large wooden horse and left it at the gates of Troy.  The Greek ships sailed away.  Believing it was a gift, signaling the end of the war, the Trojans brought the horse into the city and celebrated with singing and dancing.  That night Greek soldiers swarmed out of the horse and took the city.

This famous legend from antiquity has inspired many a film.  It has also inspired the town of Stendal in Germany, home of the archeologist who discovered the city of Troy.  In Stendal a modern copy has been built.  It is the largest Trojan Horse in the world.  It stands in the grounds of the town’s museum and affords wonderful views across the region.

From this has developed an international school project.  Pupils in Stendal responded and built their own interpretation of the Trojan Horse.  A selection of these have then formed the basis for an exhibition.  The horses travel to schools in other European countries where pupils are invited to make their representation in any medium they choose.  So far the exhibition has travelled to France, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Poland and back to Germany, to Südschule our link school in Lemgo.

Last week headteacher Torsten Büncher from Südschule brought the horses to . He showed the exhibits to the pupils and explained the story of the Trojan Horse. Now it is Molescroft’s turn to join the ever expanding exhibition.

Pupils at are making their own Trojan Horses to join the exhibition some of which will join the travelling show.

On Wednesday 13th October 2010 the exhibition of the Molescroft horses together with the International horses will be on display in the school hall at the  school.  The exhibition will be open to the public from 3:15 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. and will be opened by the Councillor .

The event will also have exhibits relating to the joint Comenius Regio project linking and Primary School, the East Riding Local Authority, Hull University, The Local Educational Authority and serving Lemgo in Germany and Südschule (South School) in Lemgo to create a Virtual World called “Lemerley”.

The Beverley – Lemgo Twinning Society which is also an important partner in the project will also be present at the exhibition and have a stand.  Everyone is welcome, admission is free, refreshments will be available.

This is the first time the exhibition has been to the United Kingdom.

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  1. Met Toesten in Lemgo would have been nice to see him again. The Mayor of Stendal was there as well.

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