Local Theatre Company Explores Deep Meanings


company has announced the double-bill of plays which it will take on tour around East Riding villages this autumn.

The -based company is presenting “Is There Anybody There…?”, described as a light-hearted sortie into the metaphysical – the world beyond the normal. Mysteries, ghosts and so forth will feature, with a first half comprising stories  which will be recited by actors and .

The second half, also presented by the duo, will be a new play called “The Counsellor”.  Sydney, a recently retired underground train driver, is depressed. So he visits Kenan, a trained counsellor. As Kenan encourages Sydney to talk and begins to draw him out, it becomes clear that there is a deeper meaning to the counselling session than anything Sydney is prepared for.

It is the fourth annual pre- tour of East Riding venues, running from Friday 19th November to Friday 3rd December. Previous themes have been Dickens and Sherlock Holmes, Van Gogh and Gauguin, and last year they put on a new play called “Epiphany” about two firewatchers during the Blitz.

Neil says: “We’ve brought forward our pre- tour as Other Lives is preparing to stage one of our most ambitious productions in our five-year existence. We’ll be performing Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot in the New Year at venues in the East Riding and at Truck .”

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The itinerary for the November/December tour is:


Wednesday 1st December: Friary
Thursday 2nd December: Friary

Other Areas

Friday 19th November: Bishop Burton Village Hall
Saturday 20th November:
Sunday 21st November: Ellerker Village Hall (2.30 pm)
Monday 22nd November: Village Hall
Tuesday 23rd November: Lund Village Hall
Wednesday 24th November: School, the Block
Thursday 25th November: Skidby Village Hall
Friday 26th November: Wawne ***
Sunday 28th November: North Dalton, The Old Chapel***
For this performance,  supper and wine are included in the unique atmosphere of
the Old Chapel.  Tickets are  £25, concessions £22.50, details:  01377 219135
Friday 3rd December: Swanland Village Hall

Performances start 8pm, except where indicated. a new play called “The Counsellor”., but vary where indicated ***.  Ring 01482 862752 for details.

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