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Here in , we are indeed privileged for many reasons, living in what has been previously described as the best place to reside in England and unbeknown to many it is also home the county’s best kept secret. Based in the town centre there is a team of dedicated to motivating, inspiring and helping young to make the most of life and so if you are 16-25 or know someone in this age group, read on!

The remit of the team is to source brand new exciting opportunities for young to get involved in during their spare time, link them up and support the work of the . This is in itself is indeed commendable but in addition , the Youth Volunteer Adviser there for CSV’s Vinvolved team, is also a recognised promoter for the European Commissions Programme and in this role she obtains funding through the British Council in London to open up Europe to our young in our geographically isolated part of the UK.

The team and 9 participants have recently returned back from a truly memorable week in Serbia where they took part in a youth exchange with their counterparts in Krusevac which is approximately 3 hours drive south of Belgrade towards Pristina. The name of the project is ‘Dancing in the Rain’ and it signifies their dogged determination to try and influence into improving youth facilities in the town for all young .

During the week, they took part in a non-formal learning experience based on 3 dynamic workshops and to complement this, visits to Belgrade and Vrnjacka Spa were also organised. The UK team put on a splendid intercultural evening to give the Serbians a taste of England at its best; it was both interactive and educational and extremely well received. In addition to this, Sue included many worthwhile learning mechanisms to the week’s programme, acquired at a number on international trainings over the years which helped all the participants to very quickly intermingle and make the most of the week. She said, ‘intercultural learning on this European level is a fascinating and meaningful way to break down barriers between groups of young from very different cultures, it helps to combat racism and xenophobia and contributes to a more unified Europe.’

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Beverley Youth Trip

Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size

Picture Gallery: Click on the thumbnail picture below to enlarge the image to full size

Picures by Nathan Pidd

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