Pupils From Twinned Town Visit Beverley

Two primary schools in are due to receive a visit today from a German school based in ’s twinned town of Lemgo in Germany.

The visit has been arranged as part of a project called sharing resources for innovation and cohesion (SHRINC) and pupils and teachers from the Suedschule in Lemgo and representatives from the Stadtisches Museum Lemgo will visit and Molescroft Primary Schools for a two day visit beginning on Thursday, 5 November.

The visit will include tours of both primary schools, a tour around the town and a trip to to enjoy the bonfire night festivities. ShRINC is a collaborative project between the leading partner, ’s school improvement service and the Schulamt in the Kreis Lippe region of Germany.

The project is designed to develop pupil and community awareness of the diverse influence and positive benefits of migration and learning lessons of the conflict and persecution that can accompany it. In contrast to , schools in Lemgo have a high percentage of children of diverse ethnicities, meaning schools in both regions seek to develop curriculums that reflect the diversity of the wider global communities.

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& Mayor of Lemgo Dr. Reiner Austermann who recently visited

Dr Austermann Reiner

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