Monkey Food

Real food locally sourced, locally prepared

What is ?

” is an opportunity for Beverley’s top that are passionate about their cuisine to come together in a friendly competition, to be voted “Beverley Restaurant of the Month” by guests.

Be part of the first “” event

The first competition will be in the desserts category.  6 amazingly delicious desserts, one provided by each restaurant, will be tasted and voted on. The scoring criteria will range from presentation to whether or not you would re-order it in the future and everything in between.

So when & where is the first “” event?

The first event will take place on Monday 12th October, 2009 at 7.00pm (for a prompt 7.30pm start) at , Butchers Row, Beverley.  will be serving a choice of main courses before the desserts are served and the voting begins.

About the Team

Linda Duncan: 07792561772

Linda has recently made a lifestyle choice and resigned from The . During the last 5 years of her service Linda worked from County Hall in Beverley involved in Community Initiatives assisting in the reduction of Crime and Disorder throughout Hull and the East Riding.

Linda now has a successful providing Home Information Packs and offering advice on energy efficiency,, her commitment to the ‘Green Agenda’ is attested to by the fact that for each property visited she will endeavour to send a local assessor, reducing distance travelled and cutting down harmful carbon emissions.

: 07932 216 205

Valerie is Australian and has been working and eating in this area for the last 6 years. She is obsessed about food being prepared with real ingredients by people that have a passionate culinary feel for food.

She is the countries top Hawaiian Kahuna Masseuse and her is called Cultural Bodywork, Her dubious claim to fame is that she has ordered and eaten so many meals in one sitting that the chef come out to see why he could not fill her up.


•    Bring local businesses together to form a supply and support network.
•    Raise the profile of local businesses.
•    Increase awareness of what actually pride themselves in creating food from scratch
•    Introduce new customers…


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