Flemingate Development

Museum of Army Transport been closed for some time with demolition work being carried out and pretty much completed on the buildings  that used to house over 100 vehicles. Located on the Fleming Gate site it is possibly the biggest physical change that I have witness since moving to and given its location it is highly unlikely a site of this size will ever been developed again so close to .

With all the buildings down the site that is just over 17 acres looks to be getting redeveloped with a hotel, retail, office and college buildings all being talked about. There is lots more information about this on the councils own web site though what finally happens will not be down to local council in Beverley as the government is involved due to the size and location of the site.

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Flemingate Development
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  1. A link brought me to your website, but I could not find any information about the army transport museum. Could you kindly let me know if it is still open, and if not, have the items been transferred somewhere else? I live fairly near Bordon, where the railway items came from, and would like to see them again. Also, put me in touch with anyone else interested in the museum. Thank you for your kind trouble, Geoff Mawdsley waterlooville Hants

  2. Hi Geoff – As you can see from above the museum has been demolished with the site currently being redeveloped, I do not know where the cars and planes that were displayed there have gone too.

    Although not in Beverley Eden Camp may appeal to you they have a selection of WWII and some more recent tanks and planes all based from an old UK POW camp.

    Hope this helps

    Rgs Admin – HU17.net

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